Senin, 02 April 2018

Download Peterson's Practice Test PBT with Full Audio

Here is the book that can help you to prepare your TOEFL test especially in PBT test. this book can be used to practice your skills and measure your english ability in doing the TOEFL materials. this book is published by Peterson and has been used to boost the TOEFL Score. you can download Peterson Practice TOEFL PBT for free with audio mp3 by visiting the link I put on my website. 

There are five tests including listening scrips and answer keys. so easy for you to make your TOEFL Score higher than before.

Now you can Download Peterson's Practice for the TOEFL PBT test. Audio mp3 includes in each test.

Peterson's Practice Test PBT Part 1

Peterson's Practice Test PBT Part 2

Peterson's Practice Test PBT Part 3

Peterson's Practice Test PBT Part 4

Peterson's Practice Test PBT Part 5

Peterson's Answer Key and Script

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  1. Thanks! Membantu sekali! Mungkin keyword pencariannya perlu diperbanyak lagi, biar mudah ditemukan di internet hehe. Saya udah nyari lamaa sekali baru ketemu.


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