Sabtu, 14 Februari 2015

Misaeng: The True Portrait of Incomplete Life

All about delicacy, strength, integrity, helplessness, and intelligence. Misaeng (Incomplete Life) probably will be the most relatable drama, ever. I think it has the simpliest plot K-Drama: Ordinary salary men and their daily life in office.

I was watching with tears welling in my eyes, or with the hugest grin on my face. Even when the smallest good thing happens, I find myself fist-pumping for the characters. And I can already sense that Misaeng is one of my K-Drama favorite of all-time. After Bridal Mask, of course.

And it is probably not everyone’s cup of tea. The muted tone and full of hero’s narration. Even though, the hero was an emotionless and expressionless zombie and he’s underdog of underdog, we just want him to succeed. He’s like an onion, makes us cannot stop crying.

The Hero is the shortest guy, slight, not masculine looking, but it’s which make him living. He isn’t given “expressive” facial expression, but the barest flicker on his face makes him come alive instead of being wooden like he would be in the hands of a less capable actor. His expressionless is the most living and breathing. It fits with the gloomy story.

And it’s relatable with my future as a HRD person, I want that kind of personality, who is dedicated to working hard, because that’s who I want to be as my associates.

Really, I watched it multiple times and haven’t get enough yet. It has a movie feel to it. Slow, but not boring at all. Don’t know what this drama has done to me, but I found my taste going higher as it goes.


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